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    • Change at least 10% of aquarium water weekly

    • Replace disposable filter cartridges monthly, despite a low amount of build up

    • An aquarium's desired pH level is between 7 and 7.5. 

    • ​Ensure that the lighting is providing the right amount of heat and light to the fish.

    • ​Condition the tank water; make sure you use the proper treatment. Tap water can be harmful to the fish!

    Our aquarium maintenance services

    • Basic and All-Inclusive Aquarium Maintenance Programs
    • Custom Aquarium Installations and Relocating
    • Water Testing and Environmental Analysis
    • Product, Equipment, and Livestock Ordering and Delivery (Saltwater Aquariums & Freshwater Aquariums)
    • Equipment/Component Repair/Replacing
    • Troubleshooting and FREE Consultations

    Aquarium Maintenance

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    3485 N 124th St,

    Brookfield, WI 53005

    ​Located 15 minutes from Downtown Milwaukee


    Tuesday-Friday: 12:00pm-7:00pm

    Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm

         Maintaining an aquarium can be daunting: pH balance, salinity, chlorine, and algae buildup? Aquariums are beautiful, but require daily maintenance to ensure that they are inhabitable. Luckily, you have a solution. Let America Aquaria take care of your aquarium services for you.

        America Aquaria offers a routine aquarium cleaning and service plan that will guarantee a successful, hands-free aqua environment. With our services, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of underwater life in your home or office aquarium. 

        Aquarium service maintenance programs are designed to provide the best care for your aqua environment, ensuring optimal water conditions and health for all its inhabitants. Our aquarium cleaning, water testing, and repair services all contribute to your aquarium's longevity and appearance. Let us take care of your fish tank or aquarium for you!

         Call us to set up an appointment and keep your aquarium looking luxurious or stop by our fish store for additional assistance.

    Aquarium Maintenance

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