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Commercial Spaces

We build aquariums for any home, retail or commercial space in Southeastern Wisconsin. With 10 years in the business, we have experienced a wide variety of styles, sizes, and aquarium locations. For example, this tank featured here is in the restroom of a Milwaukee restaurant. We worked with the owners to design a unique tank that fits their specific vision and needs. That being said, we are experts in tank building and are prepared to give you the best advice, collaborate with you to turn your ideas into reality, and ultimately provide you with a high-end aquarium you love. 

Built-in tanks

Our custom built-in aquariums add an element of luxury to any room. We work with you to craft the aquariums perfectly to fit your unique space. The home pictured here had a specific cut-out in their wall in where they wanted the aquarium to go. The finished product is going to look beautiful, and will be a perfect decorative addition to the basement. Just like our stand alone tanks, we can customize these to any specific size, shape, color, or material. We build all of the aquariums in our in-house warehouse, and that gives us full control over the building process during all times. 

Our stand alone tanks are custom built, or can be purchased ready-to-fill from our Tropical Fish Store in Brookfield, WI. These are perfect for homes and offices, and they are great for beginners! These two particular tanks are in offices of our clients. They add an air of luxury to any space, and our clients are extremely satisfied with them. We have several stand alone tanks on hand in our Brookfield Tropical Fish Store, but can customize any tank based on your size, material, and color preference. 

Stand alone TankS

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